Standard Fees

Frontier charges a standard annual fee of $2,500, payable in advance, for providing all listed services, plus any incidental out-of-pocket costs incurred such as postage and photocopy charges (.15 cents per page). The standard annual fee is subject to change. Either party may terminate Frontier’s administrative support at any time upon 30 days notice, at which point any pro-rata portion of the unearned annual fee will be returned to your Wyoming Private Trust Company.

On the whole, Frontier provides all the services of a family office at a fraction of the cost. Also, if your family already has an office established in a high tax jurisdiction, Frontier can offer situs services to that office.

Additional Fees

Depending on the task required and our availability, Frontier is willing to assist your Wyoming Private Trust Company with respect to services not mentioned on this site for an additional fee.

Frontier Administrative Services LLC does not provide legal advice with respect to any matter